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Final Project – Kirk Loretz – Weather Alerts

April 23, 2010

My Pipe asks for 2 sets of user inputs.

In each set, I ask for the state (by its two letter abbreviation) for which you want alerts. I use this to pull data from‘s alerts feed for that state. I ask for the county in which you are interested, and I use this to narrow down the feed to that specific county. Finally, I ask for an address, city, and state in that county, which I add to each alert so that I can plot them on a map.

There are 2 sets of inputs so that you can see alerts for your location as well as the location of a friend or family member.

Image of Weather Alerts Pipe


Final Project – A really bootleg XM Radio – Joe Greenbaum

April 19, 2010

For my final project I created a really bootleg XM radio using yahoo pipes. I have XM radio in my car at home and love the stations’ content/playlists, and use it as one of my main tools for finding new music. However, most of the time I am not in my car at home, but still want easy access to XM’s song selection and a quick way to listen to those songs.

Fortunately, some of the stations (14 of them) put out on their Twitter their current song selection. However, they post it in an annoying format and without a link to audio or video of that song. Using yahoo pipes, I fetched all those twitter feeds, did a bunch of string manipulation, and output a list of the user-selected station’s last 20 songs played in a more neat format, with a link to that song’s page (which has free streaming audio, video, user recommendations, and a whole lot more).

The pipe can be found here:

It has randomly had problems in fetching the feeds, so if you don’t feel like sitting there refreshing till it works but still want to see what it looks like in action heres a screenshot:


Using Pipes to search sexy deals

March 22, 2008

Yahoo Pipes is regarded as one of the hottest Web2.0 services. It provides a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.  

I am a new user of Yahoo Pipes. However, I really enjoyed using it. It is “Sexy”~ Yahoo Pipes provides a list of existing pipes, which acts a good start for new users. As a typical Web2.0 application, it can be controlled via simple Drag & Drop; it is quite easy to learn and to use, and does not require any special knowledge.  


My favorite example of yahoo pipes is Hot Deals Search ( It could be used to find deals from all major deal sites in US. It is HOT, isn’t it? J Currently, I am preparing my luggage back to China this summer, and I want to buy some stuff for my family and friends. This Hot Deals Search is able to fetch deals simultaneously, and I do not have to surf from one site to another.  For example, I input “Nike” and “Adidas”, and then run the pipe. Magically, it showed a list of good deals: 


Also, we could reuse the code if we like. Yahoo Pipes provides two functions of “View Source” and “Clone”, and we are able to view the source code, edit it, and create our own functions based on existing ones. That is one important element of Web2.0: reuse and sharing.  


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